Why should I buySnorflex® ?

Snorflex® is effective

Mandibular Advancement is recognised as an effective therapeutic option for simple snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. With Snorflex®, snoring is efficiently managed and treated. Get the rest you (and your partner) deserve, wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Snorflex® is custom fit

Custom fitting Snorflex® is fast, easy and you can do it yourself. Snorflex® fits perfectly to your mouth. Custom fitting might be repeated in case of dental operation.

Snorflex® is easy to use

Just custom fit the two mouthpieces, place the elastic(s) into the cleats and Snorflex® is ready to be worn.


Snorflex® is comfortable

The appliance is compact and fits perfectly in your mouth. Snorflex® is soft and gentle and is the only device that leaves your mouth free to move in all directions. The flexibility in the mouth movements given by Snorflex®, greatly reduces pain to the temporo-mandibular joint that may occur with monobloc device.

Snorflex® is lightweight

'It is very easy to bring Snorflex® along while travelling.

Snorflex® is low cost

Snorflex® is the cheapest mandibular advancement device available. Buying Snorflex® is a far much lower cost than a surgical operation (which is an invasive treatment) or using a respiratory assistance by CPAP. Care and maintenance is very easy. No need to buy a new Snorflex® in case of dental operation.