Custom fitting your Snorflex®


1/ Fill a container with enough water to allow the two mouthpieces to be completely submerged. Heat on a stove until the water starts boiling and then stop the heat source. Wait 30 seconds before removing the mouthpiece (cf. fig 1).

2/ Remove the mouthpiece dedicated to the upper jaw from the hot water and gently shake off the excess water. Put yourself in front of a mirror and place rapidly the warm mouthpiece onto the upper jaw. Press strongly the mouthpiece against your teeth using your fingers during 10 seconds to get a tight fit (cf. fig 2).

3/ Leave the upper mouthpiece and proceed in the same way for the mouthpiece dedicated to the lower jaw (cf. fig. 3).
Keep the two mouthpieces in position and bite progressively for 1 minute.


4/ Remove the two mouthpieces and place them in cold water to set the custom shape (cf. fig 4).

5/ Refit the two mouthpieces into your mouth to check the fit. If the fit is not comfortable, you may do the exercise again, remembering this time to only dip the mouthpiece for 30 to 40 seconds into the boiling water.

6/ Outside the mouth, place one elastic in each cleat to to join the upper and lower mouthpiece to allow the mandibular advancement (cf. fig 5). If you do not feel comfortable with custom fitting Snorflex® yourself, you can ask your dentist, doctor, or sleep specialist to do it for you.At night, brush your teeth before wearing Snorflex®. When placing Snorflex® in the mouth start with the upper mouthpiece and then the lower one. After few days of wearing Snorflex® a second elastic in each cleat might be added if the efficacy is not good enough. Change the elastics every two weeks.